Saturday, October 31, 2015

Vincent Price #CousinoftheWeek #FamilyHistoreen

Vincent Price is your 8th cousin four times removed.
   →  Pop
your father →  Mamie C. Nichols (Collins)
his mother →  Daniel JOSHUA COLLINS
her father →  John Henry Collins
his father →  Elizabeth Boothe
his mother →  Abner Boothe
her father →  Isaac Abner Boothe, Sr.
his father →  George Boothe, Sr.
his father →  Stephen Boothe, I
his father →  Dea. Joseph Booth
his father →  Hannah Boothe
his mother →  John Wilcoxson
her father →  Obadiah Wilcoxson, Sr.
his brother →  John Wilcoxson
his son →  John Wilcox
his son → John Wilcox
his son →  Charles Wilcox
his son →  Eban North Wilcox
his son →  Henry Cole Cole Wilcox
his son →  Marguerite Cobb Price
his daughter → Vincent Price
her son

Friday, October 30, 2015

Twitter lists for fun and research.

RESEARCH is a priority in many things, including family history...
One good way to get all your research team together is to create a twitter list. In other words, you take a bunch of tweeps with a similar theme and create a list on Twitter so that all their tweets are displayed on the same page. This helps you find new articles and posts and tips that interest you every day and may help to further your own research in the process.

On my list FAMILY HISTORY CHANNEL you will find lots of family historians who constantly share their news and updates in the form of tweets and the tweets of other family historians they follow as well. This list is not only useful for my own research but is often times just fun to read.

Listing can be useful in many fields like genealogy, arts, crafts, news, sports, poetry, and entertainment. On my art blog is a list of #ART tweets that helps me find new artists and enjoy their work first hand. The same is true with any list, and a list is more focused on a single subject than the home page feed itself.

Once you are added to a list everyone who sees that list becomes a potential reader of your work and shares, and a potential fan and follower. Keep calm and keep tweeting!


Vlad the Impaler AKA Dracula, the Dark Prince #FamilyHistoryFriday

Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia, more commonly known as the Impaler or Dracula, was a three-time voivode of Wallachia, ruling mainly from 1456 to 1462. Historically, Vlad is best known for his resistance against the Ottoman Empire and its expansion and for the cruel punishments he imposed on his enemies. In the English-speaking world, Vlad III is most commonly known for inspiring the association of the name of the vampire in Bram Stoker's 1897 novel, "Dracula." Vlad suffered from porphyria (thought to be the source of the legend that vampires are allergic to sunlight).     

Vlad the Impaler Dracula, Prince of Wallachia is your fourth cousin 21 times removed's husband's second great grandson.
   →  Pop 
your father →  Rufus S. Nichols 
his father →  Tressie (King) Nichols 
his mother →  Michael O. King 
her father →  Margaret (Wright) King 
his mother → James G Wright 
her father →  Mary Whitledge Grant 
his mother →  William Grant, of Crichie 
her father →  Elizabeth Grant 
his mother → William Leslie, X. Baron of Balquhain 
her father →  Janet "Jane" Forbes, Countess of Athlon 
his mother →  John Forbes, 6th Lord Forbes 
her father → William "Gray Willie" Forbes, 3rd Lord Forbes 
his father →  Egidia Forbes 
his mother →  Marjorie Fraser 
her mother →  Alexander Fraser of Lovat 
her father → Hugh Fraser 
his father →  Margaret of Orkney, Heiress of Lovat 
his mother →  Magnus Orkney, V 
her father →  nn Magnusdatter, Prinsesse av Norge 
his mother → Ingeborg Eriksdatter af Danmark, Dronning av Norge 
her mother →  Erik IV Plovpenning, Konge af Danmark 
her father → Valdemar II "Sejr" Valdemarsøn af Danmark, Konge af Danmark 
his father →  Valdemar I "den store" Knudsøn, Konge af Danmark 
his father → Ingebor Mstislawna, Prinsessa av Kiev 
his mother →  Rostislav-Michael Mstislavich Smolenski 
her brother →  Roman Rostislavovich Grand Prince 
his son → ? Смоленский 
his son →  Wsewolod Mstislawitsch Смоленский 
his son →  Olga Vsevolodovna Рюриковичи Смоленские, Princess of Smolensk 
his daughter →  Gediminas, Grand Duke of Lithuania 
her husband →  Kęstutis, Lietuvos didysis (submonarchas) kunigaikštis 
his son →  rymgajla anna Rimgailė 
his daughter →  Vasilissa Catuna Chiejna Muşata 
her daughter →  Vlad the Impaler Dracula, Prince of Wallachia 
her son

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Anton LaVey, the Black Pope #FamilyTreeTuesday

Anton Szandor LaVey (born Howard Stanton Levey) was an American author, occultist, and musician. He was the founder of the Church of Satan as well as the author of The Satanic Bible and the founder of LaVeyan Satanism, a synthesized system of his understanding of human nature and the insights of philosophers who advocated materialism and individualism, for which he claimed no supernatural or theistic inspiration.

Anton Szandor LaVey is your 7th great aunt's first cousin four times removed's husband's nephew's ex-wife's late partner.

   →  Pop
your father →  Rufus S. Nichols
his father →  James "Jim" Ira Nichols
his father →  Harriet Isabelle Maywood Nichols
his mother → Clarissa "Betty" (Richards) Williams
her mother →  Christopher Richards, Sr.
her father →  Waitman F. Richards
his father →  Elizabeth Richards
his mother → John Stewart of Fourth Creek
her brother →  Margaret McKee Stewart (Potts)
his wife →  Moses Potts
her father →  Henry Potts
his brother → James Purviance Potts, Sr.
his son →  mary potts
his daughter →  nellie m. hayes
her daughter →  reina hayes
her daughter →  lillie b schell
her daughter →  Oliver Edward Schell
her husband →  Blanche Evangeline Gunderson
his sister →  Theodore L. Gunderson
her son →  Diane Hegarty
his ex-wife →  Anton Szandor LaVey
her partner

Friday, October 23, 2015

The Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory #CousinoftheWeek

Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed (Báthory Erzsébet in Hungarian, Alžbeta Bátoriová in Slovak; 7 August 1560 – 21 August 1614) was a countess from the renowned Báthory family of Hungarian nobility. Although in modern times she has been labelled the most prolific female serial killer in history, her guilt is debated. She is nevertheless remembered as the "Blood Countess" or "Blood Queen."
After her husband's death, she and four collaborators were accused of torturing and killing hundreds of girls, with one witness attributing to them over 650 victims, though the number for which they were convicted was 80. Elizabeth herself was neither tried nor convicted. In 1610, however, she was imprisoned in the Csejte Castle, now in Slovakia and known as Čachtice, where she remained bricked in a set of rooms until her death four years later.
Later writings about the case have led to legendary accounts of the Countess bathing in the blood of virgins in order to retain her youth and subsequently also to comparisons with Vlad III the Impaler of Wallachia, on whom the fictional Count Dracula is partly based, and to modern nicknames of the Blood Countess and Countess Dracula. 

Countess Erzsébet - Elizabeth Báthory is my 9th cousin 15 times removed.

   →  Mom
your mother →  Pvt. Garnett Hancock, WWII Veteran
her father →  Ida Mae Hancock
his mother →  Robert Lee Linville
her father → Moses Linville, Jr.
his father →  Hannah Scarlett Linville
his mother →  Elizabeth Margaret Morgan
her mother →  John Jarman
her father →  Arthur Jarman
his father → John Jarman
his father →  Thomas Jarman
his father →  Gwen Jarmen
his mother →  Sir Rhys Gruffydd, MP
her father →  Jane Stradling
his mother → Thomas Stradling Esq
her father →  Sir Henry Stradling
his father →  Jane [Joan] Stradling
his mother →  Cardinal Henry Beaufort, Bishop of Winchester
her father → John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster
his father →  Philippa of Hainault, Queen consort of England
his mother →  Jeanne de Valois
her mother → Charles de France, comte de Valois
her father →  Isabelle d'Aragon, reine consort de France
his mother →  Violante de Hungría, reina consorte de Aragón
her mother →  ÁRPÁD(házi) II. András - Andrew II, King of Hungary
her father →  ÁRPÁD(házi) András, Prince of Hungary
his son → ÁRPÁD(házi) Erzsébet ► Szabina, hercegnő / Princess
his daughter →  Erzsébet Darai de Dáró
her daughter →  Anna Medgyesi (Moricz)
her daughter → Szaniszló Báthori de Somlyó
her son →  István II Báthory de Somlyó
his son →  Miklós Báthory
his son →  István Báthory
his son →  Anna Báthory
his daughter → Countess Erzsébet - Elizabeth Báthory
her daughter

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mary Perkins Bradbury, Salem Witch #CousinoftheWeek

Mary (PERKINS) BRADBURY was one of those unfortunate people who, in the dark days of witchcraft delusion, was among the accused. Among those accused of assuming animal forms (most were beasts common to the pioneers) Mary's most unusual metamorphosis was that of a blue boar. Her specialty was supposedly in casting spells upon ships, and Massachusetts merchant Samuel ENDICOTT testified that two firkins of butter , purchased from Mary by one of his captains, had been bewitched and caused dire effects on the seamen's voyage. As the ship sped through the warm waters of the Caribbean, the butter turned sour just before an unexpected storm arose. One night soon after ENDICOTT was sitting on deck and happened to glance upward in the moonlight and there perched jauntily on the windlass was none other than Mary BRADBURY, or her spirit, dressed as she customarily appeared, in a white cap and neckcloth. His testimony and that of others proved costly and she was found guilty of practicing magic and was sentenced to be executed.
The conviction could not be reversed, but by the efforts of her friends her execution was delayed, the horrid delusion passed away, and she was discharged. By some accounts she was allowed to escape, 'though not officially released she did return to her home.
The papers connected with her trial , as well as those of others, who were (some of them) less fortunate, have been preserved, and are to be seen on the files in the Clerk of Courts Office in Salem, Massachusetts.        
Over a hundred of her neighbors and townspeople testified on her behalf, but to no avail and she was found guilty of practicing magic and sentenced to be executed.
Through the ongoing efforts of her friends, her execution was delayed. After the witch frenzy had passed, she was released. By some accounts she was allowed to escape. Others claim she bribed her jailer.
Another account claims that her husband bribed the jailer and took her away to Maine in a horse and cart. They returned to Massachusetts after the witch hysteria had died down.
Mary Bradbury died of natural causes in her own bed in 1700.        

Her descendants include:
Ray Bradbury, American science fiction writer.
Bradbury Robinson (1752-1801), a great-great grandson, fought for the patriots at the Battle of Concord (1775) and testified that the British fired first.[2][3]
Bradbury Robinson (1884-1949), threw American football's first legal forward pass.
Ralph Waldo Emerson, transcendentalist,a fourth great-grandson of Mary Bradbury, descendant through her daughter Judith.

Mary Perkins Bradbury, Salem Witch is my 7th cousin 12 times removed.   

   →  Pop 
your father →  Rufus S. Nichols 
his father →  Tressie (King) Nichols 
his mother →  Michael O. King 
her father →  Margaret (Wright) King 
his mother → James G Wright 
her father →  William Wright 
his father →  John Wright Jr 
his father →  John Wright, Sr. 
his father →  Anne Minor - Wright 
his mother → Col. John Washington 
her father →  Reverend Lawrence Washington 
his father → Lawrence Washington, Sr., Esquire of Sulgrave Manor, Mayor of Northampton 
his father →  Elizabeth Lyte 
his mother →  Ursula Light 
her mother → Elizabeth Blount 
her mother →  Sir Richard Blount, Kt., of Iver, Sherriff of Buckingham and Bedfordshire 
her father →  Sir Thomas Blount, Kt. 
his father → Margaret Blount 
his mother →  Joan Astley 
her sister →  Thomas Astley, Esq., Sheriff of Staffordshire 
her son →  Alys Perkins 
his daughter →  Henry Perkins 
her son → Thomas Perkins, Sr. 
his son →  Henry Perkins 
his son →  John Perkins, Sr. 
his son →  Mary Perkins Bradbury, Salem Witch Trials 
his daughter

Friday, October 16, 2015

CHARLIE MANSON #CousinoftheWeek

Charles Milles Scott Manson, (born Charles Milles Maddox) is your 13th cousin twice removed.

   →  Pop
your father →  Rufus S. Nichols
his father →  James "Jim" Ira Nichols
his father →  Harriet Isabelle Maywood Nichols
his mother → Clarissa "Betty" (Richards) Williams
her mother →  Nancy (Moore) Richards
her mother →  Jacob Moore
her father →  Isaac Moore
his father → Thomas Preston Moore
his father →  Margaret Moore
his mother →  Rachel Preston
her mother →  Thomas Lloyd, Governor of PA.
her father →  Elizabeth Lloyd
his mother →  Sarah Stanley
her mother →  Thomas Burton
her father →  Francis Burton
his brother →  Richard Burton, Sr.
his son →  Thomas Christian Burton, Sr
his son → Susannah Burton
his daughter →  John Stovall, Sr.
her son →  Delilah Pinson
his daughter →  Thomas Pinson
her son →  William Pinson
his son →  Margaret PINSON
his daughter →  Henderson Scott
her son →  Garfield Scott
his son →  Walker Henderson Scott
his son →  Henderson Scott
his son → Charles Milles Scott Manson, (born Charles Milles Maddox)
his son

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dr. H. H. Holmes, Master of Murder Castle #CousinoftheWeek

Dr. Holmes was born Herman Webster Mudgett on May 16, 1860, in Gilmantown, New Hampshire. Herman was often beaten regularly by his drunken father, and the local neighborhood bullies. At an early age he was fascinated by all aspects of surgery. He would often capture stray animals and perform strange and crude experiments on them.
Herman graduated high school at the age of 16, and in 1878 married Clara A. Lovering at, at the age of 18, whom he soon abandoned with one child in New Hampshire.
He graduated medical school at the University of Michigan, located in Ann Arbor in 1884 at the age of 24. While studying medicine at the University of Michigan, He would steal corpses, render them unrecognizable with acid, and then collect on the life insurance policies he had previously taken out under fictitious names. Herman got away with several of these frauds before a nightwatchman caught him removing a female corpse, hence he was kicked out of the university for "unusual activities".
In 1886 Herman Mudgett moved to the Chicago suburb of Englewood, Ill, after abandoning his wife and committing a variety of felonies, even defrauding one of his own in-laws. He was know as a swindler, and decided it was time for a new lease on life and took on the alias: Henry Howard Holmes, AKA: "DR H.H. Holmes".
Holmes eventually amassed a nice fortune through his frauds and schemes, using multiple aliases and often failing to follow through on payments for his many deals arranged on credit and with work perfomred by unpaid laborers.

Dr. Henry Howard Holmes is your 11th cousin thrice removed.
   →  Mom 
your mother →  Pvt. Garnett Hancock, WWII Veteran 
her father →  Burrell H Hancock 
his father →  Rhoda Lawrence Hancock 
his mother → Susan Frances Lawrence 
her mother →  Rhoda O'Bryan 
her mother →  Pvt. Drury Holland, Revolutionary Soldier 
her father →  Charles Holland 
his father →  Peter Holland 
his father →  Nehemiah Holland 
his father →  Gabriel Francis Holland 
his father →  Mary Mollenax 
his mother →  John Molyneux 
her father →  Lawrence Mollenaux 
his father → Sir William Molyneux, Kt., of Sefton 
his father →  Sir Richard Molyneux, Sheriff of Lancaster 
his son →  Alice Prescott 
his daughter →  John Prescott, Esquire 
her son → James Prescott, III 
his son →  James Prescott, IV 
his son →  Jonathan Prescott, Sr. 
his son →  Captain Johnathan Prescott 
his son →  Jonathan Prescott, III 
his son →  Samuel Prescott 
his son →  Nancy Mudgett 
his daughter →  Levi Horton Mudgett 
her son →  Dr. Henry Howard Holmes 
his son

Friday, October 09, 2015

JEFF DAHMER, The Milwaukee Cannibal #CousinoftheWeek

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer (May 21, 1960 – November 28, 1994) was an American serial killer and sex offender. Dahmer murdered 17 men and boys – many of whom were of African or Asian descent – between 1978 and 1991, with the majority of the murders occurring between 1987 and 1991. His murders were particularly gruesome, involving rape, torture, dismemberment, necrophilia and cannibalism. On November 28, 1994, he was beaten to death by an inmate at the Columbia Correctional Institution, where he had been incarcerated.                                                

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer is your 15th cousin.

   →  Mom
your mother →  Pvt. Garnett Hancock, WWII Veteran
her father →  Ida Mae Hancock
his mother →  Robert Lee Linville
her father → Moses Linville, JR.
his father →  Moses Linville, Sr.
his father →  Hannah Scarlett Linville
his mother →  Elizabeth Margaret Morgan
her mother →  John Jarman
her father →  Arthur Jarman
his father →  John Jarman
his father →  Thomas Jarman
his father →  Gwen Jarmen
his mother →  Sir Rhys Gruffydd, MP
her father → Jane Stradling
his mother →  Sir Edward Stradling
her brother →  Catherine Palmer
his daughter →  John Palmer, Knight
her son →  Sarah Smith (Palmer)
his daughter → Henry Rowley
her son →  Moses Rowley, Sr
his son →  Mehitable Fuller
his daughter →  Benjamin Fuller, Sr.
her son →  Jemima Warren
his daughter →  Cynthia Flint
her daughter →  Cyrus Flint
her son →  Abner Flint
his son →  James Ernest Flint
his son →  Floyd "Rocky" Flint, Sr.
his son →  Joyce Annette Dahmer (Flint)
his daughter → Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer
her son 

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

John Proctor, Salem Witch #CousinoftheWeek

Murdered by the State...   

John Proctor (1632–1692) was a farmer and tavern keeper in 17th-century Salem, Massachusetts. During the Salem witch trials he was accused of witchcraft, convicted and hanged. His wife and all of his children were accused as well as many members of his extended family.

The son of John Proctor and Martha Harper, he was born 9 October 1631 at Assington, Suffolk, England; he was executed by hanging at the age of 60 on 19 August 1692 at Gallows Hill, Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts. He emigrated to Massachusetts with his parents on the Susan and Ellen in 1635, married three times, and fathered 17 children.        

John Proctor, Salem Witch, is your 6th cousin 12 times removed.
   →  Mom 
your mother →  Pvt. Garnett Hancock, WWII Veteran 
her father →  Burrell H Hancock 
his father →  Samuel Austin Hancock 
his father → Elizabeth Edwards Hancock 
his mother →  Brice Edwards 
her father →  Ambrose Edwards, Jr. 
his father →  Ambrose Edwards, the Immigrant 
his father → Isabella / Elizabeth Edwards (Downing) 
his mother →  Lady Catherine Cecil Downing 
her mother →  James Cecil, 3rd Earl of Salisbury 
her father → Charles Cecil, Viscount Cranborne 
his father →  Lady Catherine Howard 
his mother →  Catherine Rich, Duchess of Suffolk 
her mother → Sir Henry Knyvett, MP, of Charlton 
her father →  Anne Knyvett 
his mother →  Sir Christopher Pickering, of Ellerton 
her father → Sir James lll Pickering, of Winderwath 
his father →  John Pickering of Gretton 
his brother →  Gilbert Pickering of Techmersh 
his son → Boniface Pickering of Thorpe-by-Water 
his son →  James Pickering 
his son →  Susan (proctor) Pickering 
his daughter →  Martha Proctor 
her daughter → John Proctor, Salem Witch Trials 
her son  

Friday, October 02, 2015

Ivan the Terrible #CousinoftheWeek

Tsar of All Russia: Reign 3. December 1533 – 28 March [O.S. 18 March] 1584 Coronation 16. January 1547
Ivan Grozny literally "Ivan the Formidable"), was the Grand Prince of Moscow from 1533 to 1547 and Tsar of All the Russias from 1547 until his death. His long reign saw the conquest of the Khanates of KazanAstrakhan and Siberia, transforming Russia into a multiethnic and multiconfessional state spanning almost one billion acres, approximately 4,046,856 km2(1,562,500 sq mi). Ivan managed countless changes in the progression from a medieval state to an empire and emergingregional power, and became the first ruler to be crowned as Tsar of All the Russians.
Historic sources present disparate accounts of Ivan's complex personality: he was described as intelligent and devout, yet given to rages and prone to episodic outbreaks of mental illness[2] that increased with his age, affecting his reign.[3][4] In one such outburst, he killed his groomed and chosen heir Ivan Ivanovich. This left the Tsardom to be passed to Ivan's younger son, the weak andintellectually disabled Feodor Ivanovich. Ivan's legacy is complex: he was an able diplomat, a patron of arts and trade, founder of Russia's first Print Yard, a leader highly popular among the common people of Russia, but he is also remembered for his paranoia and arguably harsh treatment of the nobility. The Massacre of Novgorodis regarded as one of the demonstrations of his mental instability and brutality.[5]         

Ivan IV "the Terrible" Vasilyevich, Tsar of All Russia is your 11th cousin 10 times removed.
   →  Pop
your father →  Rufus S. Nichols
his father →  Tressie (King) Nichols
his mother →  Michael O. King
her father →  Margaret (Wright) King
his mother → James G Wright
her father →  Mary Whitledge Grant
his mother →  William Grant, of Crichie
her father →  Elizabeth Grant
his mother → William Leslie, X. Baron of Balquhain
her father →  William Leslie, Ninth Baron of Balquhain
his father →  John Leslie, Eighth Baron of Balquhain
his father → Elizabeth Ogilvy
his mother →  Margaret Sinclair of Deskford
her mother →  Sir John Sinclair of Deskford
her father →  Richard Sinclair of Deskford
his father → William Sinclair of Roslin
his father →  Sir William Sinclair of Roslin
his father →  Sir Henry Sinclair of Roslin, 7th Lord of Roslin
his father → Sir William Sinclair of Roslin, 6th Lord of Rosslyn
his father →  Eleanor de Dreux
his mother →  Robert III, comte de Dreux
her brother →  Yolande de Dreux
his daughter →  Alix (Adelheid) of Burgundy
her daughter →  Jan I, hertog van Brabant
her son →  Maria van Brabant
his daughter →  Giovanna di Savoia
her daughter → Ioannis V Palaiologos, Byzantine Emperor
her son →  Manuel II Palaiologos, Byzantine Emperor
his son →  Thomas Palaiologos, Despot in Morea
his son →  Zoe Sophia Palaiologina
his daughter →  Vasili III Ivanovich, Grand Prince of Moscow
her son → Ivan IV "the Terrible" Vasilyevich, Tsar of All Russia
his son


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  • Scandinavia17%
  • Ireland11%
  • Iberian Peninsula9%
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